Fall Equinox Flow

Happy Fall Equinox! Today at 1:02pm Pacific Daylight Time, the sun shines directly over the equator (the plane of the equator intersects the centre of the solar disk) giving us approximately 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night, and popularly the first day of autumn.

For many cultures, the day marks a balance (between day and night, light and darkness) as well as the harvest. This flow takes into consideration the symbolism of the seasonal event: standing balances interspersed with poses for reflexion on one’s personal harvest. If at all possible, get out under a tree.


[Note: The video for this sequence is in production.]

Fall Equinox Yoga Sequence

Grounding and Centering: Tadasana (mountain pose); if outside, come off the mat; attention to the breath; drop the exhales into the connection between feet and earth.

To make this a moving meditation, pick one of the autumnal considerations to carry through the practice: 1) Falling leaves: what do you want/need to let go of? 2) Harvest: take note of your personal harvest, allow gratitude for what you have brought to completion, 3) Seeds for the spring: what seeds do you want to preserve for the future?

Movement with breath: inhale hands to heart center, exhale open arms

Warm up: Sun Salutation A (x2)

Standing balance 1: Warm-up the balance to Tree

Vinyasa to DD, drop to knees for balancing table (aka: bird dog)–>awkward airplane–>bird dog w/ leg grab.

Flow 1: DD–>low lunge–>half splits–>open twist (option to grab that back leg)–>lizard–>dolphin plank–>sphinx–>half-frog pose (each side pulse w/breath)–>Vinyasa to other side, replace half-frog with bow pose–>child

Standing balance 2: hand-to-big-toe pose–>dancer (option: remain on the one leg when transitioning)–>tadasana (mountain; re-connect w/intention)

Flow 2: Vinyasa to DD–>side plank–>star plank–>crescent lunge–>W2–>triangle–>half-moon–>half-moon w/quad stretch–>Vinyasa to do other side–>child (re-connect w/intention)

Coming down: DD–>jump through–>boat–>lolasana-variation lift (x3)–>Dandasana–>reverse plank (or reverse table top)–>Dandasana–>forward fold–>canoe–>shoulder stand–>plow–>fish

Cooling: reclined pigeon–>reclined twist–>shavasana









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