First blog post

Beginner’s mind.

Seasoned yogis may have come across the encouragement to embrace the “beginner’s mind” even though you think you know what you’re doing. By coming to the mat with the mindset (re: humility) of a novice, we are more open to learn something we may have missed along the way.

I stumbled into yoga in my twenties, thinking I’d use it as a cool down from “real exercise”. The humility that I should have brought with me to the mat hit me hard in my first vinyasa class. I labored to keep up with the instructor–not at all honoring my limits. Once the sting to the ego subsided (along with the pain in my muscles), I went back. With its intensity and creativity, vinyasa yoga hit my personal 20-something sweet spot. Once I’d embarked on that journey, you couldn’t drag me away from it. Through the different types of yoga and various workshops, I’ve found many chances to be a beginner on the mat and discovered many sweet spots.

This page is my mat. After over twenty years of practice and eight years of teaching, it’s here that I extend my reach in ways I never thought possible.

My mission statement as a yoga instructor has been to spread the benefits of yoga to as many people as possible. Yoga is for everyone: all body types and abilities, all predispositions and ages. It will improve your quality of life, be it on a physical or mental level.  I hope I can help you find your personal sweet spot. Namaste.

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